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Bar Code Reference Documents
Bar Code Supplier ManualReference Manual Updated 2008
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Export Documents
Generic Certificate of OriginNon NAFTA Certificate of Origin
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EFT ApplicationUS Electronic Funds Transfer Application
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Graco China
PO Terms and Conditions (English)Terms and Conditions for all product shipped to Graco China locations
PO Terms and Conditions (Chinese)Terms and Conditions for all product shipped to Graco China locations
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Graco USA
PO Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions for all product shipped to Graco US locations
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ISF Process for International RGA Ocean ShipmentsLetter explaining the 10+2 import requirements
K&N ISF FilingForm used to follow the 10+2 import requirements
ISF Instructions - ChineseISF instructions in Chinese.
Graco Routing GuideThis document explains Graco's routing instructions for all suppliers
ISF Penalty Phase Memo with Instructions
Graco NAFTA TutorialInstructions on Graco's NAFTA Solicitation
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Quality - Part Approval
First Article PackageUPDATE 12/2018 -- Latest revision of documentation required for suppliers to submit first articles to Graco.(formulas for Out Of Tolerance and Low Result Marg and renamed column headings)
Process Capability WorksheetUsed to determine the process capability Cpk of a specific feature
Control PlanA key document in controlling a process. It specifies the process variables and the required characteristics of the product, and how they are to be measured and controlled.
FMEA TemplateFailure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a disciplined approach used to identify possible failures of a product or service and then determine the frequency and impact of the failure.
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Quality Management
Supplier Request for ChangeUPDATE 11/10/2015 -- This form should be filled out and submitted to your Graco Commodity Manager in the event of a change in your company that could affect the quality of product supplied to Graco.
Fishbone DiagramA tool used to solve quality problems by brainstorming causes and logically organizing them by branches. Also called Cause and Effect and Ishikawa diagram.
8D and 5 Why formUPDATED 10/13/2016 -- Use this form when requested to submit corrective actions to Graco
Supplier Information SurveySurvey used to capture all profile infomation about a supplier.
Quality Systems Assessment - QSASupplier Quality Self Assessment
Graco Supplier Quality ManualGraco Supplier Quality Manual
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Supplier Management
Supplier Quick Reference GuideGraco Supplier Quick Reference Guide
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Supplier Training
Root Cause Analysis ResourceDocument describing what root cause analysis is and how to apply different tools to help with finding the true root cause.
SCAR Training Material8D and 5 Why training for suppliers.
First Article TrainingFirst Article training for suppliers.