Supplier Quick Reference Guide

Graco relies extensively on our supply partners in serving our markets and customers. We recognize our suppliers as vital contributors to our success and strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to enhance our global market position. In order for Graco to meet our customer expectations, we need suppliers to deliver defect free product, on-time and at a competitive price. Our Suppliers are expected to conduct business legally and ethically with respect for all humanity. Below is a quick reference guide of our supplier expectations. Detailed expectations and metrics can be found in the Graco Supplier Handbook available online or through your Graco Purchasing contact. Through our alliances and partnerships, we will continue to exceed customer expectations and provide best-in-class products around the world.


Quality Management – Graco is known as a quality leader and expects our suppliers to strive for ZERO DEFECTS. Refer to our quality page for more information about our quality processes.

Cost Management - Graco is measured on a year over year total cost improvement which means we rely heavily on our suppliers to bring forth projects delivering an ANNUAL COST REDUCTION.

Lead-Times – Suppliers will review periodically for accuracy and work initiatives to reduce lead-times.


Delivery Performance- All orders must be delivered ON-TIME, 100% of the time.

Purchasing Orders (POs) – Review immediately upon receipt to ensure that the delivery date, quantity, price, part revision and payment terms are correct. ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ARE NOT REQUIRED UNLESS one of the following two conditions apply:

Forecast and Order Management – An OPEN ORDER REPORT and FORECAST is emailed to suppliers every week.

Freight and PO Terms – All purchase orders must ship per the terms and conditions noted on the purchase order.

Invoicing - All INVOICES AND PACKING SLIPS must contain (1) Purchase Order Number, (2) Graco Part Number, (3) Quantity and (4) Price. Graco will not release payment unless your invoice matches our purchase order in all four (4) areas. For more details on supplier expectations and metrics, please refer to the Graco Supplier Handbook

Click here for Graco's USA Inbound Routing Guide 2018 Rev 1.

Click here for Graco's Supplier Handbook.