Business Processes

Supplier Performance Measurement (SPM)
A process to help develop relationships through a supplier evaluation process that promotes communication and continuous improvement throughout the entire product cycle. Involvement, commitment, trust, cooperation, and teamwork are the underlying principles that will guide us to Supply Chain Excellence.

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations for quality and value in order to become our customers' supplier of choice. We also select and support suppliers with the same mentality to consistently provide quality parts and service, on time, at the lowest total cost.

Product Development
Continuously pursue new product designs and develop breakthrough products and packages that meet our end-user requirements worldwide. Early supplier involvement is critical to our Product Development success. Suppliers who achieve Partner status in our SPM program will become fully integrated into our product development process.

Bar Code Label Requirements
Graco requires a shipping label (Vendor Carton Label as defined in the Graco Supplier Bar Code Manual) on every pallet - container received. Minimum information can be found on our Bar Code page.